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As a new tool for data-driven inquiry in chemistry, retrievium allows researchers and engineers to interact with large repositories of high-accuracy computational data in addition to being able to distill new knowledge via intelligent, meaning-based search and retrieval capabilities. The application of machine learning technology as a value-added component of our platform facilitates pattern recognition within the vast chemical data landscape, and promises to yield new industrial catalysts, advanced materials, medicines, and transformative computational simulation techniques among countless other substantial applications.





Our searching features allow you to quickly discover molecules by filtering our extensive repository for similarity to a target, computational model, spectral properties and/or dozens of other specific properties.


Our platform is integrated with advanced codes such as Keras, Theano, and TensorFlow, which allow users to discover structure-property relationships and other predictive models.


retrievium brings your team together around research data and connects you with a global pool of users. Create a group and share data with your team, from anywhere, and let retrievium fully index it, and interface it with powerful analytics tools.